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As many as 400 employees in 10 different countries across the globe are working at Benify. All with different backgrounds and personalities but with one thing in common – being Great at Work. The next Benifyer you’ll get to know through our blog is Anneli Castillo, who works as HR Director.

My name is Anneli Castillo and I am a social whirlwind that, after the teenage years, jumped off the saddle, moved out of the forest among my gnomes and trolls. I grew up in a farm in Västra Götaland with my mom, dad, siblings, dogs, cats, chickens, mice, etc. My father is a self-proclaimed entrepreneur. I studied, worked extra at restaurants and traveled for a few years before I committed myself to becoming the next HR business star. I would describe myself as a goal-driven, detail-focused smooth operator with a personality which would rather sulk in the backseat of a Jaguar than a bus. I was born with a talent for food and baking, which is great for my family, relatives and friends who are often guests at my parties.

More recently, I’ve been totally fixated on home renovation. Far too much of my free time has been consumed by decorating, drawing, painting, dibbing, dabbing and generally being let loose on all the walls. I’ve now found my home and live in Stockholm’s inner city with my husband, our children and our nanny Niki. I’m a little tempted to add a Sphynx (a naked cat) to the family but apparently we have a ban on animals at home. That’s why I’m so happy to be surrounded by pets here at the office …

How would you describe yourself in only one sentence?
I am a very thoughtful and dedicated person with bounds of energy to fulfill my tasks.

You’ve worked at Benify for a couple of months now. What’s your overall impression of your colleagues?
Very welcoming, positive and intelligent colleagues who will take Benify to the next step. I am convinced that together we can take Benify to world domination. I appreciate Benify’s leadership listening to employees, giving you the opportunity to make quick decisions and from one day to the next you’ve made amazing changes.

What do you believe makes a great workplace?
Without doubt the employees; and that we care about each other. It’s true that the only thing that can’t be copied in a workplace is the employees themselves. Each workplace is unique. Engaged employees who have clear guidelines towards their goals are also important for a well-functioning organization. One of Benify’s many strengths is that there are many opportunities available for all employees. In my (just over) 2 months here, I’ve already met so many really talented individuals who have been given a platform to develop and execute their ideas. This is exciting (and rewarding) to see as a HR professional. One of my goals is to focus on our talents, and to give them space to develop. To me it is very clear that employees are the most important asset to any workplace.

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