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As many as 400 employees in 10 different countries across the globe are working at Benify. All with different backgrounds and personalities but with one thing in common – being Great at Work. The next Benifyer you’ll get to know through our blog is Matthias Sonnemann, who works as as a Senior Account Manager in Germany.

Who are you?
Hej hej, my name is Matthias Sonnemann. Focus lies on the last name, as I often hear that it tells a lot about me. Translation: Sunman  [☼ ♂]. That’s why I am often called Sonni or Sunny. Some here in the office also call me “Slimer”, especially after cold calling sessions … but I have no clue why :). I am just a really polite person and like to give and (especially) also to receive compliments.

Some more info: I am nearly 30, living in Munich, just married and in the German sales team.

What do you work with?
On my business card it says “Senior Account Manager”. Basically I am in Sales, because that’s what it is all about: selling. Not selling a fridge to an Eskimo, but identifying potential clients and their needs. Together with them we are working out the best way to strengthen their employer brand, making their employees happy and motivated, reducing boring and time-consuming administrative work and in the end converting them into happy clients. New happy clients = happy Sonni.

Which is your favorite benefit?
Flexible working hours, coffee, fruits and my company car are important to me … but what I really love are our internal Benifyer birthday parties and events. The last weeks here in Munich were marked by the Octoberfest – in Bavaria we actually just call it “Wiesn” – and of course Benify was there. Also some colleagues from Sweden joined and we were all wearing traditional Wiesn outfits (the photo was taken on this day). Coming back to the birthday parties, which also show our awesome team spirit: for every birthday one colleague is chosen to bake or if not that talented buy a cake and a gift for the birthday child. Working on your birthday is actually quite fun here.

What do you do when you’re not working?
I love being active. Whether it is in the gym, on my snowboard, somewhere hiking in the alps or giving an outdoor functional training session for a group of friends in the park. Even though we are often on the road in Sales I really enjoy travelling or just a quick citytrip in the weekend. Luckily it’s just a quick ride to the Austrian alps or to Lago Di Garda, Italy from Munich. But especially when “winter is coming” I also love cozy evenings at home, watching a good TV series. Latest recommendation is “The Young Pope” with Jude Law.

What gives you energy?
The right mixture of proteins, carbs, healthy fats, amino acids, vitamins, mineral … plus a quick workout or a run in the park during my lunch break. Being fit, seeing results and achieving goals is super important, it motivates me and keeps me going.

Why should people work at Benify?
Because of this unique Benify spirit. I was working within a really large company for a couple of years, where I was one out of 160.000EEs. Here at Benify you still have this startup, highly entrepreneurial spirit. We are rapidly growing and our goal is not less than world domination. This combined with extraordinary colleagues is the reason why you should become a Benifyer.

Who are you at the office?
A colleague once saw me NOT smiling and she was really surprised or even shocked about that. I recognize that tells a lot about me. Moreover in the German office it is said that the boys are more often talking about fashion than the girls do. Might be that I am one of “these boys”.


Born:                    Hildesheim, Germany

Lives:                    Munich, Germany

Background:      Studied Business Administration and was working in IT sales for 5 years at Fujitsu in Frankfurt and Munich before Benify.

Hobbies:             Travel, Photography, Fitness and basically everything that is connected to sport (snowboarding, SUP, hiking, biking, …)

Hidden talent: 
I am an Instagram husband and sometimes I am the personal trainer of the German Benify team.

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