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Today, millions of employees in more than 30 countries are part of the Benify family. Their employers represent different industries and have different challenges, but they have one thing in common: they strive to be attractive employers who care for their employees. The next company you will get to know through this blog is serveOffice, who is a modern and innovative recruitment company specialized in economics.

Hi Mårten, who are you?
I’m Mårten Forslund, a people lover who besides interacting with colleagues and customers enjoys skiing, golf and my three kids.

What does serveOffice do?
serveOffice supply a wide range of customers with services within recruiting and staffing/interim. We’re specialized in the economy field, but also focus on areas such as Payroll, sales, HR, administration and other back office services. For us, it’s crucial to find the right person for the right job and therefore, we are thorough through the whole recruitment process. We want all parts involved to be satisfied with our services, and handle all of our relations in a long-term way. This is regardless of whether you’re a customer, supplier, consultant or a candidate – even if you didn’t get the job you applied for. At serveOffice, you are not just an applicant, you are a person we would like to get to know more about and create a connection with. We are personal, dedicated and really love our jobs, and therefore- we do an excellent work!

What is your role in the organization?
One of my main tasks as CEO is to ease the everyday life of my colleagues. If they are happy and inspired, and enjoy their work – it will have positive effect on them, myself and our customers. Besides this, I have a main role in developing the company, and transform strategic plans to operative. We keep gaining market shares and we’ve just launched an offensive growth plan, in order to offer more people to be a part of our likeable organization. Costumers as well as employees.

Why did serveOffice choose Benify?
Mainly because its services contributes to our personnel strategies, in which we seek to gain the most satisfied employees in our branch (staffing and recruiting).

What is the best thing about Benify?
It’s a great offer to our consultants and it’s very appreciated among them, which is our goal with Benify. Besides that, it also ease our administration, especially regarding wellness. To sum it up: it’s great for all involved!

Which is your favorite benefit?
I really like the benifyDeals and especially the discounts regarding trips, both in Sweden and abroad. I love traveling!

What is the best thing about your job?
I like the interaction with different kind of people: customers, candidates and of course my colleagues.

If you want to know more about us, do not hesitate to contact me:, 08-566 166 60

Thank you Mårten!

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