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As many as 400 employees in 10 different countries across the globe are working at Benify. All with different backgrounds and personalities but with one thing in common – being Great at Work. The next Benifyer you’ll get to know through our blog is Thérèze Buskas, who works as as a legal counsel at our head office in Stockholm.

Who are you?
My name is Thérèze Buskas, though I usually go by my nickname Tess which is also a lot easier to spell. I work as a legal counsel for the Benify group since March 2017 at the Benify HQ in Stockholm, Sweden.

What do you work with?
I give counsel to my colleagues on various legal topics such as partnerships, internal policies, corporate governance, and new and improved services or functions in the Benify portal. A normal day usually includes drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts and other legal documents as well as discussing various topics from a legal risk assessment or management point of view.

Which is your favourite benefit?
I’m in love with Lifeplan! This benefit is our Swedish robot advisor for pension. It assembles my pension information, examines my current investments for my retirement savings and enables me to maximize my funds for the future. Before I started using Lifeplan, the Swedish pension system appeared to be complicated and difficult to get a grip of. But now I’ve got a good understanding of things and, with the help of Lifeplan, I feel like I’m and in complete control of my future financial situation.

What do you do when youre not working?
I love to travel. If I’m on holiday, I rarely stay at home. Instead, I go snowboarding in the French Alpes, visit friends living in London, Montpellier or Copenhagen, go on African photo safari tours, do the classic Pacific Coast Highway road trip in USA, or go diving in Thailand. So, when I’m not travelling, I’m usually busy planning a new adventure.

What gives you energy?
Socializing and exercising – though, when I’m stressed out, is usually avoid both and just chill out at an art museum or take a walk with my camera to do some creative street photography.

Why should people work at Benify?
Benify is a great workplace with a lot of amazing and ambitious colleagues. But something that really appeal to me is that you get a chance to make an impact on how business is made and the future of Benify. Everyone’s encouraged to have an owner’s mindset and this workplace truly embodies an open business environment.

Who are you at the office? I always have the Benify core values of being great at work by showing love, thinking ahead and exceeding expectations in the back of my head. So I hope I come across as social, professional, supportive, creative, dependable and open minded.


Born: Visby – the city of roses – on Gotland Island in the southern Baltic Sea.

Lives: Stockholm, Sweden.

Background: I did a lot of things in my younger years. For example, I’ve worked as a kinder garden teacher, florist, bartender, barista, receptionist – and even a pizza maker. I also did art and design school for a few years, but then chose to go into law instead. Since my law degree in 2011, I’ve focused on commercial law as an associate at the leading business law firm in the Nordic region, law clerk at Stockholm District Court, legal counsel at a large cap listed engineering company and a legal counsellor for the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Hobbies: Travelling, cooking, art and design, reading, taking care of homeless cats, movies and hanging out with my friends and family.

Hidden talent: Having worked as a bartender, I’m not shy to brag about my amazing bartending skills. Though it’s been a few years since I worked behind the bar, I still make a great Old fashion!

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