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As many as 400 employees in 10 different countries across the globe are working at Benify. All with different backgrounds and personalities but with one thing in common – being Great at Work. The next benifyer you’ll get to know through our blog is long distance cyclist Jonas Deichmann who works as sales manager at our Munich office – and who will attempt to break two world records on a bicycle soon.

Who are you?
Hi, my name is Jonas and I am 30 years old. I studied International Business in a few countries and travelled around the world for the past 10 years. I never thought I would come back to Germany but the opportunity at Benify and the outdoor possibilities of Munich were too charming, so I decided to come back two years ago. My drive to explore exotic places and live great adventures is still strong and I will follow this calling by attempting a World Record Cycling Tour across Eurasia this summer. Benify will be my main sponsor and gives me the additional time to follow my big dream. You can follow the journey on: or

What do you work with?
My job title says that I am a sales manager and I am responsible for convincing companies that they need a great employer branding portal to become more attractive employers. This means that no day is the same for me and I travel all over Germany to meet potential future clients.

Which is your favourite benefit?
My favorite benefit is Benifys support for my upcoming World Record. The company gave me the time and money to do it as well as an awesome marketing team and a lot of support to help me with everything.

What do you do when you’re not working?
Right now nothing else then cycling. But usually I do some other crazy stuff too, like climbing, running, sleeping in the woods and these kinds of things. One thing you can be certain is that on a free day you will always find me in the mountains.

What gives you energy?
Sleeping outside in the mountains. After a camping night under the stars I am always full of energy and highly motivated for the next day.

Why should people work at Benify?
There are many reasons for this but I will stick with my number one, the great colleagues. I never met an organization where we have so much fun together and work together as a team.

Who are you at the office?
Some might say the crazy one. Even my already quiet adventurous colleagues can´t always understand my definition of a great weekend or vacation.


Born: Stuttgart, Germany
Lives: Munich
Background: Studied International Business in Sweden, Denmark, Brazil, Singapore and India, working experience in sales from Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Brazil
Everything with adventure; particularly cycling, trail-running, climbing, snowboarding and exploring wild places
Hidden talent:
I can open a coconut with a pen. I had to learn this skill when I was almost dying from thirst on one of my trips to Brazil

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